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North and Chespeake Beach are known for their beauty by the bay. The boardwalk, the waterpark, fishing, and the locally owned and operated shops help to make "The Beaches" what they are. Those who live in these quaint towns enjoy shopping locally, from owners who also live in the community.

"Chesapeake Beach and North Beach are quaint, side-by-side towns that share the same exhilarating bayside view and the same welcoming spirit to visitors.  The towns were incorporated around the beginning of the 20th century.  They were considered resort towns then and they continue to live up to that long tradition.Relaxing, swimming, fishing, fossil hunting, boating, shopping, dining and spending the night beckoned back in the day as well as today."


"Locally owned businesses tend to do business with other locally owned businesses and aren’t constrained to buy only from a national distributor. They bank with local banks, advertise in local newspapers and purchase local services such as accounting and printing. Each time a dollar is re-spent in the local economy, it’s like new income – creating a “multiplier effect” - rather than this money “leaking out” through remote corporate headquarters and centralized purchasing departments."


We are proud to be a locally owned and operated business, and will feature a large selection of merchandise from local vendors!






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